If you are all fucked up, your mindset needs a great big shift and alteration. Who, and what, you have become isn’t the final version of you.  

The general path we follow is that we get fucked up as children by fucked up adults, who  were traumatized as children just like us.

Generational traumas are real. It’s not a genetic thing for addictions and mental illness to be passed down the line. It’s children being hurt unconsciously by adults, who have been hurt deeply as children themselves. 

These traumas endured by innocent children  led to the generational traits of mental illness and addiction. “Suicide” tends to run in families, for example. No one is born suicidal. That is created. 

A mindset shift is required to begin unfucking yourself properly. You have to realize that who you currently are isn’t the person you truly are. 

We have shadow selves. The shadow is a trauma response to all of the unfair bullshit we have dealt with in our lives. 

The shadow is part of us, but it’s not our authentic self. Through shadow work and healing we get introduced to our truer, more divine versions of self. 

Belief is necessary. Belief that growth and change is possible. Belief that you don’t have to be like the ones who hurt you. Belief that you can prosper because you deserve to. 

The path to unfucking yourself is about sitting with the emotional pain from your traumas. It’s not all childhood stuff. You have traumatized your self as an adult, and you have hurt others along the way. 

You sit with the pain and feel it to heal it. Most of our lives we dismiss it, distract ourselves from it with addictions, including work. We avoid hard and uncomfortable conversations. We sweep things under the rug. 

With shadow work, you flip that rug and deal with ever hurt you’ve ever hidden or repressed. 

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to get in touch with early childhood traumas. 

Forgiveness is next. You may be hanging on to the traumas that got you all fucked up, but hanging onto anger and resentment serves no one. 

Addiction can come from suppressing the pains stemming from emotional wounds. 

Many hang on to anger like it’s some sort of security blanket, as though it protects and serves them. Your anger doesn’t affect them. It is only making you sick. 

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you let people off 

the hook, and let them back to your life. You forgive for your self, and your growth. This is a non negotiable step to getting unfucked. 

It’s a bit easier to forgive once you recognize the lessons you have learned. Often the most powerful lesson is what not to be. 

Then release that shit. It will come in the form of tears. We physically express our emotions. If we don’t, we hang on to them. They compound and create a person in near constant emotional pain, and this is a person who hurts everyone around them. 

They don’t realize it isn’t normal to be irritable and angry all of the time. 

The unfucking journey is hard and intense and painful. The reason emotions are suppressed is because they are so painful to unpack and process. 

Shadow work is the hardest work you will ever do. Tell a workaholic that! Physical labourers believe they are the hardest workers out there, but emotional work is exponentially tougher. 

Belief in transformation is the key. You may be struggling in the present, see no real path to getting better, but you have to believe it’s possible.

It’s a process to get all fucked up, and it’s a process to get all unfucked up. 

You are not your traumas. You are not your past. You are not your family. 

This is deep spiritual work that will take you to the darkest places. It’s not for everyone. 

But I’m sure it’s for you. Sit stagnant and suffer forever, or go through hell to get to heaven.