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Ciao People,

My name is Mattia Capasso, I am a freelance Runner/PA from Italy but living and working in London (UK).

I work in every aspect of the entertainment industry, whatever is a Film, TV series, commercials, music video and more.

Outside my main job, I also work part-time as Digital Projectionist in Cinema and occasionally take part as an Extra/Supporting Artist as well as volunteer in film events and festivals.

When I am not at work, I like to dedicate my time to my two podcasts where I interview different cast and crew from my industry and discuss our job, our background and pieces of advice to give to my listener.

"MMM" and "Il Filmigrato" talk about the same topic with the same kind of guests, with the only difference that the first one is in the English language and the other one in Italian.

I made my podcasts to help the guests I interview on being more seeing and also to help our audiences who are interested in following the same career.

Buy me a Macchiato and I will improve my podcast bringing more people and better quality.