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Snippet from ON TOP OF THE WORLD

May 25, 2021

I’ve come to believe there’s something in everyone that speaks from the shadows: a voice that whispers what it would prefer rather than what it is. Most of the time this voice is ignored, the door slammed on it, floorboards nailed down over it, or we simply leave the room and walk far enough away until it can’t be heard calling our name. But although we refuse it, it’s always there, deep down in a corner, curled like a foetus, waiting for us to reopen the door, just a crack, to let in the light that will help it unfurl and, with god’s grace, blossom into a life which, until now, we hadn’t dare imagine might be ours. 

Joe O'Malley: On top of the world

Hey guys, thought I'd just send you over a snippet of what I'm working on this morning. This is the protagonist, Joe O'Malley, commentating (the book his written from his POV) on an episode that has just happened and is about to 'blow up'. As I reread this, I realise, in essence, that this is what the book is all about: the pain and suffering of living a 'half life' or worse, a life that someone else has planned for us.

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