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Join the misadventures of Matt, Megan, and the totally not fake Mike in what can best be described as a rip-off of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia set in Anchorage, Alaska. The show is basically what would happen if you devoted too much time, money, and effort into actually following through on filming all the supposedly funny things you and your friends talk about while hanging out at the bar.

We’re gonna keep this show going even after we can no longer convince people to help us make it or watch it. But if you currently enjoy the show and feel so inclined to throw in a few bucks per episode, it would go a really long way. Being a truly independent project, no one is getting paid and we cover everything out of pocket. Thankfully, our cast and crew who willingly slum it to work with us are always down to help by donating their own precious time and valuable equipment. That leaves most of the expenses being prop making (which actually isn’t that bad) and craft services (surprisingly the majority of our budget). Any amount you could donate would go straight to helping us feed our cast and crew, who if you haven’t seen, are all growing boys and girls who need to keep their strength up to survive the hellish working conditions we put them through.