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Hey everyone, Matt Rivers here! Really great to meet you. I am a creator and teacher. At the moment I am offering free writing classes on Sundays which you can find by visiting my website or eventbrite.

You can normally find me writing songs, books or poetry as well as creating events, jam nights, and workshops. I am passionate about helping people to discover their own natural creativity and have studied a lot of techniques over the years

I believe everyone is naturally creative and can learn how to uncover their inner voice or creative spirit.

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Thank you so much Joanne! Love you xxx ❤️ 

Ruth & Séan (seeun)
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thank you!

Thank you so much Kelly! Hope you enjoyed the class. Great to have you there. 😄 

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Thank you. Mary

Thank you so much Mary. I hope you enjoyed the class. All the best x 😍 

Audra Rice
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In our last class we wrote about similarities and differences. During that evening there was a musical on Eventbrite “Opposites Attract : A Virtual Cabaret.” In one of my writing pieces, I wrote about music, particularly a song from the musical ”Wicked” and I was surprised to hear them singing the song in the cabaret.

Thank you so much Audra! Always a pleasure to have you in the class. ☺️