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Hey 👋 Thank you for coming to my page.

I am a blogger, vlogger, poet, writer and emerging artist. 

I am passionate about Divine Truth and everything creative. I love to make, create and play with words. I love Truth and my blog is the journey of my searching and finding Truth about myself, my life and the secrets of the Universe. Its as raw and honest as I can be, but I'm a work in progress. There is lots of my poetry there as well as lots of resources, which I try to keep up to date, to help others on their journey. I offer everything there for free, but the website and domain do have annual costs of about £125 so any donations would be gratefully received. 

My goal is to be able to give up my current self employed contract work and commit fully to creating art, books and other creative projects. It is creating with a purpose driven by my love of truth and love. The current crazy world needs help - many are lost, seeking, confused and feeling powerless. But I've learnt we are not powerless, but we have to do some personal, emotional work and come out of our comfort zones. Change begins within and I want to share things that inspire, encourage curiosity, courage and healing. 

My contract work still only gives me a minimum wage and I want to create abundance for freedom to do work I truly love, but also to pay it forward in various ways.

I have written a self help book for 14-25 Yr old but need money to publish it. A hybrid publisher wants to publish it, but I need £4000. This means I'd get a say it how it looks etc, but I'd have help with from an editor and designer. So it's in between full publishing and self publishing. I am looking at self publishing too. 

I have ideas for children's books that share honestly the truth, encourage curiosity and are meaningful.

And lots of art projects! I could go on. But I need to create money to buy some equipment such as ipad, procreate, Adobe photoshop and other well as normal everyday business and life costs. 

The truth is I spent years locked in my trauma, thinking small of myself, just surviving. Not anymore. I've woken up and I'm blown away by my discoveries. I believe in the power of our souls to change things. As wise Winnie the Pooh said:

"You're braver than you believe. You're stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." 

I'm happy to chat or answer questions, but in advance THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS. 🙏💞

My blog website is below, creative one coming. 

IG @maxinebell88 & @maxine_creates

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