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I'm a Computer Hardware Engineer and Occasional Developer. I fix and make computers do stuff.

Thanks for visiting my BMC page. Your support is amazing and helps me to continue working on and supporting my open source projects.

With enough project support, I could spend more time creating great software. Until then, I maintain a full-time job and as well, am an integral part of a small telecom/hosting/cloud business.

Current Open Source Projects:

Chris Steckroth (steckrca)
Chris Steckroth (steckrca) bought 5 macchiatos.

Looking forward to V3, thank you for all your help and great software idea.  So glad there's an option to centralize all of the data sharing and webcam sharing for multiple services all in a local device.

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Thanks for writing and maintaining Acuparse! A success story in today's technology world of built in obsolesce. 

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Thanks for acuparse, it works well.

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Thank you!

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Thanks for all of the hard work on acuparse