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Greetings from the Road Less Traveled.

I am Hanna Maxwell, freelancer by day, blogger by night, traveler all the time. I have been all about writing and doing it properly for over 30 years. I'm in a unique position to be old enough to have an "old school" education, meaning it goes well beyond the stuff of grammarly, set up to homogenize and standardize the fine art that is writing, while I'm young enough to not be all stodgy about it.

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When you need me for Writing Projects, my skill-set includes but is not limited to:


Research (Done properly)



Advice Columnist


General Editing


Alpha/Beta Reading

Social Media/Infuencer/YouTuber Assistant

Account Management

Internet Newsgroup Administration/Moderation


 When you need me for mental health support, my skill-set includes but is not limited to:



Help with Coping (This sounds vague because it is, I don’t have boxes and labels for you; my system treats the person, not the illness, as the priority.)

ALTERNATIVE: Mojo Mountain Medicine/Union of Mad Scientists

When you need my services as a Root Doctor, my skill-set includes but is not limited to:


Vows Renewal

Birthing Rites

Healing Rites

Transitional Rites

*The above are offered in an advisory capacity until further notice. I have 35+ years of experience with these and other rites & meditations.

 I also offer:

Tarot Reading*

Palm Reading*

House Cleansing/Blessing

Individual/Couples Spiritual Counseling

Training in the Folklore and Medicinal Use of Herbs.

*If you would like a further explanation into how I can read palms or tarot while not believing in fortune telling, click HERE and read the footnotes.

+I continue to offer classes in these and a variety of related subjects, all inquiries are welcome.

+My work continues to be donation based, which all happens here at the Café.


My web presence as a blogger has multiple personality disorder, the traveler in me likes to move around from site to site writing about different things. Unpacking it is like solving a mystery, not only is it fun, it's fun!

Here's some of what's featured at my Main Website;

Highway Hanna- is where you'll find Tales from the Road Less Traveled. These re-tellings cover everything from the nearly normal to the practically paranormal. I have a head full of travelers tales and such from decades on the road less traveled and I aim to share them.

Homegrown Hanna- For many years I have made a study of herbal and alternative medicine for body, mind and spirit. I represent a bridge between the Root Doctor and the Barefoot Doctor, the psychologist and the parapsychologist. Between the eternal student and the forever Bohemian, between the physical and metaphysical. I love both science and all the things it can't explain.

Hot-Headed Hanna- Controversial stuff here (Maybe? You choose, every. single. time.) Here's your official trigger warning:*!*

I tend to throw down TRUTH and favor logical thinking over emotional reacting.

As a Freelancer, I'm free to trip the fantastic through Mother Nature's Magical Kingdom knowing I have given you this, the one site to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.☕

This is where I accept donations for all my fine work from cleaning a house to clearing a house. From editing to editorializing. From gardening to grant proposals, mediation to meditation or in any advisory capacity for any number of things.

 I would rather reply to people personally than have payment or membership tiers or obligatory subscriberships where I'm all up in yer inbox whether you want me there or not. Just swing by when you're in a weird mood. Maybe I'll send something every once in a blue. 💙

I post NEW CONTENT three to nine times per week provided I have the resources to do so. I am often on the road.

Namasté & Namaloha,

~Highway Hanna


See also:

+Round Peg in a Square One Village, The blog where I'm periodically posting field notes/field journal entries from a two year, full immersion, covert, ethnographic study of a homeless village in Eugene, Oregon. There was almost as much blood and betrayal there as there is in the bible.

I am going to dispel some of the myths and BS surrounding the homeless issue in America. One question the study aims to address is; what's more broken, the system or the people? Not to mention, does the system only function FOR the broken people? That and so much more is addressed there.

The village was a place of domestic abuse, violence, drunkenness, suicide attempts and even an unreported death. I was robbed on several occasions, assaulted physically and sexually and was threatened and verbally abused by other villagers as well as staff while I lived there.

I've only just begun to post the Field Notes/Journal Entries and will continue to as regularly as time allows if there is interest.

+Rain Boots & Random Acts, being a blog dedicated to the family that abandoned me and how I've come to terms with that. Since the pandemic, there has been more communication with them. I'm not sure what to do about that but the whole thing with either be glorious or a glorious shit-show, so tune in!

***I'll also be posting book reviews, poetry and short stories at Medium, I  am there somewhat frequently. 

There IS something for everybody, and if you don't find it, I may have another blog-site in my pocket that addresses more specifically whatever it is you might be interested in, you just never know, I have been doing this since the beginning.

You can CONTACT ME via any of my blog-sites.

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