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Understanding Homelessness

Mar 04, 2021


I am hoping to help people understand Homelessness and the issues it raises, from abuse of the system by the people, to the dehumanization of the people, to fraud on the parts of the people abusing/using and working within programs. There is a better way to do it once the right questions are being asked and the right people are being asked, neither of which are happening currently.

To that end I have the bare bones of a project (or two) in mind to increase understanding since awareness isn't really the issue. The initial project was an ethnographic study I did. It was a full immersion, covert study for a two year period, culling my skills as an experimental anthropologist living in a tiny housing "community" centered around people "between places."

I'm calling the current project the Round Peg Project, a nod to the website.

Here and on the website (linked below) I will be sharing some of my Field Notes. I am also interested in what experiences other people have had and what their honest feelings are regarding the homeless issue. I encourage folks to share your experiences with homelessness or homeless people.

What questions do you have? What assumptions do you make? What do you think would help? What do you think isn't working? What do you think is?

Feel free to contribute ideas, suggestions and thoughts you may have.

Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated.

H. Maxwell


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