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Mar 26, 2021

Here's What's Posted Every Week...

Actually- No one cares, so I just post what I post whenever I post it. :)

  • MONDAY- A new Writer's Life post. Inspired by the Writing Community over at Twitter these discuss plot device, characterization, settings and more.

  • TUESDAY- It's BEE GOOD Tuesday's, every Tuesday over at Keep Your Feet on the Ground. Easy ways to bee good to ourselves and one another.

  • WEDNESDAY-Wednesday's will mean a new installment of the Weekly wEirD, it's just about stuff I think is weird. Tell me what you think is weird and I'll write about that too if I agree, or let you know why I don't. Those are over at the Hanna Maxwell site.

  • THURSDAY- Thursdays are another opportunity for the Writer's Life segment, so we'll have another one of those every Thursday.

  • FRIDAY- Field Notes/Field Journal Entries make Field Fridays. Anyone familiar (or not) with the ethnographic study of a hapless homeless village that I conducted might be interested in the Field Notes and Field Journals sections over at Round Peg in a Square One Village.

*I take weekends to work on novels, prepare pitches, check into writing competitions, if possible, enter them, and also play ukulele and hang with my daughter. She's neat.

**And by the way, anyone whose made it here must be paying at least a little bit of attention, my gift to you is that this schedule here...is a test, only people genuinely paying attention to my content will realize I'm not following this here schedule, tee hee. Look, some weeks I post nine or more pieces, some weeks I struggle to do three and have made more progress on a WIP or a pitch. Sometimes I enter contests... Point is, there's always going to be content, it's also likely to be more than the above schedule details. I confess though, I probably won't adhere very precisely to it, hope you don't mind.

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