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Hi, I'm Maya -  lover of song, lead singer of folk fusion band Dragonsfly and community choir leader for 20 years. I feel passionately about singing in harmony with others and the state of oneness and bliss possible from this so in these strange times of Covid-19, I'm involved in different musical projects to help people connect and feel uplifted through song. 

This page enables you to support me in doing this. Thank you all SO much. I couldn't do it without you!

Chariklo bought 2 unicorns.

Thanks Maya for the singing support and inspirations  :) much needed and appreciated 

Ah - so glad you came and enjoyed it Chariklo! Lovely to see you! xxx

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Thank you Maya . Happy Solstice 😘 I😘😘

Ah - thank you guys! Lovely to see you both. Happy Solstice!! xxx

Phil and Irene
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Thanks Phil and Irene. Lovely to see you!

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All the best for the festive season and thanks again for being awesome :o) x

Ah - that's so kind of you Rich - thank you!!! You too!!! xxx

Susie Weldon
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Looking forward to singing again!

Ah - thanks Susie - great to sing with you tonight! xxx