Today I am staring at my current painting and am quite undecided on how to proceed. I started with acrylics and the plan for this one was to immerse myself in to grisaille technique and then have a ton of fun with glazing. Grisaille would be the underpainting in gray scale that is completed to the final details but then gets a colour boost with thin glazes of transparent color, thus mixing the colours indirectly through light penetrating the glazes and bouncing back with optically mixed colour (as opposed to mixing the colours directly on the palette). The final result is quite impressive in terms of depth and dimensionality of the subject that can be achieved this way.

This is the painting two sessions in (still that awful ugly stage I can not stand and just wish to move on from it as soon as possible!):

I've been meaning to do a piece like this for a while now and the time has finally come! But, as always, while a day went by without me touching the piece, my mind has put me in front of a choice to make: switch to oils from this early stage already and get the softness and smooth transitions now, or continue with acrylics, obtain certain effects only acrylic paint gives me that have been making me giggle with joy for the past twenty years, and later on regret having to cover them with oils? For example, this is one of those effects:

Oh, a side note - this was always to be acrylics and then oils! And the choice is hard because once I switch to oil paint I can no longer go back to acrylic paint (it refuses to sit comfortably over oil paint, it is a big no no!). Also, in the forementioned day without painting I had a bunch of visions for this piece, some stuff to add to the background making it all soft and fuzzy - oils would be perfect for this! But then I would need a haze over it and acrylics are perfect for that! And so on and on - I have ideas to follow and choices to make and am curious about how it will all go...

So mood of the day: "A Strange Day" by Cure on loop. And coffee, k? And tell people about my rants! And if you are a fellow artist, let me know in the comments what are you struggling with while painting!

Thank you for stopping by!