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Pipersong Meditation Chair - PLUS

I never sit still... And I never sit in a "normal" position. I'd love to get this chair as it allows me to sit in the strangest positions possible, without making my back work extra hard. It looks a bit strange... But it's the best thing ever!

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Atomos Ninja V Recorder + Atomos Accessoires Kit

I would love to purchase this, as having the see what you're filming on a small camera screen is really hard. With this purchase, we can be more sure of what we're doing whilst filming and be more sure about the best outcome for the video!

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Canon EOS R6 Mark II Body

I would love to own this as we've been filming with this camera (mark I) for the past few video's. We've been borrowing it, which unfortunately doesn't give us much time to learn about the full potential this camera offers. We do, however, know that this camera already gave us a load of improvement on both video and photo!

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