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gitbird: the missing twitter link for developers

Remembering is toughI very much forget to tweet about my side-businesses. This is an issue, because users won't know what goes on within the company or any new featured that comes out.Sad, I... more

06 August

The bot of

I've been fiddling around with the telegram API for the last couple of weeks, been wondering what to build.For those who does know what is, it's a simple bot, it does one... more

12 June

TaaDb - Part 3: The way of the HTTP

ForewordThis post will be a rather short one. Though I will be releasing two other posts about how to build a front-end using two different approaches. One will be dynamically rendered upon hitting... more

01 May

TaaDb - Part 2: The beginning

The databaseTo continue where we left of, we had just created a new directory along with a few files. These are the ones we will be fiddling with for this post.The configThe config will be a humble... more

30 April

TaaDb - Part 1: What The H..?

A ForewordFirst of all. I will mention that this, is the first part of an Nth long blog-series, is a free one. I will try to remember keeping everybody updated of what is happening along with the... more

29 April

What code is faster?

I've found myself wondering quite a bit, which of these code-bits are the fastest? So I came to the conclusion, to benchmark it. That I did using rust and quickjs, a fun little exercise, can... more

11 April