I've been fiddling around with the telegram API for the last couple of weeks, been wondering what to build.

For those who does know what SpaceTree.art is, it's a simple bot, it does one thing, and what it does, it does a great job at! Exactly, a bot that surfs around outer-space, finds a planet, looks for a tree, then takes a picture of said tree. After this process, it'll post it back to you!

I've been a super fond of telegram, and it's platform, for a couple of years now. So, why not expand what they do? Thus a @SpaceArtTreeBot came to life!

How do you create such an awesome bot then? Well, you talk to the great @BotFather of course! They have everything you need to know. Simply ask the for "/help", and they shall explain!

What does it do, then?

With a simple question, comes - sometimes - a simple explanation. All it does is, to ask for a tree, just like the site. Provide a seed; or don't. Give it a resolution; or don't. And it shall return a beautifully fantastic tree just for you!


First of all, you should ask the bot for help. This is done by sending the "/help"-command.

Easy peasy!


Now, I really want to see a such tree. Well scroll up! It's at the top of this post. Or even simpler. Ask the bot for a tree! Do this by sending the "/tree"-command, this will return a new tree in full HD with a random seed.

Seeds are used to identify the planet and tree it finds.

You can also provide a seed like so: "/tree my_seed", please remember if you only provide a seed, you cannot use spaces in the seed. It's really not too clever with this 🤪.

If you would like a tree, that is not in full HD, you can provide a "quality", this is done by: "/tree qhd seed with spaces". Notice how you can use spaces in the seed now. But cannot leave the seed out.

There are a few pre-defined qualities that can be used:

  • 240p: 352x240

  • 360p: 480x360

  • sd: 858x480

  • hd: 1280x720

  • fhd: 1920x1080

  • qhd: 2560x1440

  • 4k: 3840x2160

Or, of course, you can provide a custom size! It's as easy as "/tree 1500x1500 seed". This command for instance, will return a tree as seen below.

You'll also receive a direct link to that tree, this one has a URL of: https://make.spacetree.art/seed?w=1500&h=1500.

Show me what it does!

Okay, okay! Don't yell at me! 😢

That's all!

Thanks for reading, and again, here is a link to the bot: @SpaceArtTreeBot