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Hello 👋🏼 I'm James and I make podcasts.

I've produced hundreds of podcasts in the past for both myself and clients, but I'm settling down with my favourite of them all; Indie Bites.

Indie Bites is a 15 minute show (no more) where I interview indie founders on the how and why of their business, without any of the fluff. I talk to founders who are working full time on their business working just one hour a week (like Ramy), and some that have scaled their business to $2m in ARR (like Sabba).

Often I'll record for up to an hour with a guest because it's just so fun talking to inspiring indie hackers, but staying true to the format I will only release a 15-minute episode in the main feed. That being said, there are always nuggets of information in the longer episodes that some people might want to listen to. Enter this page.

If you would like to get your hands on the longer recordings, you can grab each episode from the extras page. No need for an additional subscription.