Sometimes the solution isn’t always there smacking you in the face. Sometimes it’s lightly tugging at you and you can barely feel it.

I’ll get back to how I created the world my Destined characters live in another post. Right now I just want to say that I was having problems with where my third story was headed. I had no idea what to do or if I was going to finish the storyline. But after playing around with a few scenarios, the solution came to me.

I thought I might finish the current adventure and then possibly do a few backstory adventures involving some of my secondary characters, but a plot twist that presented itself in my sleep has allowed me to see the continuation of my current story, tell my readers more about the secondary characters and still involve my main characters.

I’m stoked.

The point I’m making is unless you’re damn certain how you want your story to progress and end, let the writing process work itself out. Your muse will eventually tell you what to do.