Google Keep is the next best thing to carrying around a notebook or recorder. If you have a smartphone, you basically carry around a notebook and a recorder. But, for me, Keep is a tad better with helping me and my world-build.

Since I do have a day job, I don’t always have the time to stop what I’m doing and write. But there are times I do have the time to jot down a quick note for an idea or make a quick dictation for later. And Google Keep is my go-to app for those times.

When I have the time, I go back to my quick notes and organize them for later access or add to them with more detailed information. By detailed, I mean I bulk them up with links to things I’ve researched. I just copy and past links in with my notes.

I don’t use Keep to write my story. I use Word or Google Docs for that. I suppose I could link to my research in my WIP, but that would seriously clog up my work and confuse the hell out of me.

The one cool thing I really enjoy about using Keep is the thumbnail that’s embedded as part of the link. It helps big time to have a visual reminder or prompt to go to rather that dig through a bunch of hypertext or titles I may eventually forget why I labeled them the way I did.

In addition to using Keep to store notes and links to research, I’m also using it to create a glossary in my world-building. Having a glossary helps when I need to refer to something that may have made a fleeting appearance somewhere in my story that comes up later as a key element necessary to the plot.

If you’re world-building, and are looking for a way to organize and track how your characters develop and how your world evolves, give Keep a try.

So far, it’s working for me.