When I began world-building, I started out with a dream. I think I have a pretty active imagination and for the longest time I used to dream about writing my own science fiction adventure. It was more of a matter of organizing my thoughts and sitting down and getting started. Then it was a matter of wondering whether people would read or even like my story. I told myself that if people liked my story, that was great. If they didn't, that was okay too. I wasn't setting out to write the next big sci-fi blockbuster (it would be nice if that happened). I just wanted to write a science fiction adventure story. So I took the plunge. And the first two books in the series were born. Destined: by Choice or Circumstance and Intersections in Time.

But before I started writing, I needed to establish a set of rules and routines. And that's what I'll talk about in my next post.