After I took the plunge and decided I was going to go through with writing my first science fiction adventure, I had to first decide when I was going to devote the bulk of my time to writing it. I found that my imagination was the most active in the evenings before I went to bed. So I decided begin writing my story at night before going to bed. Since I have a full-time day job, staying up all night to write was out of the question.

In the beginning, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to write and where I wanted the story to go. I had a beginning and a middle but no end. But I didn't let that discourage me. If I had, I probably would have never written, or completed, book one.

Despite the fact that I didn't have a beginning, middle, and end, I stuck with it. I just wrote whatever came to my mind. I needed to get down in writing what was floating around in my mind. Once that was done, I had something concrete to work with. Organizing it would come later. However, writing just in the evenings presented a new problem: the creative process didn't just come to me at night.

Ideas started coming to me anytime of the day (or night). So I quickly jotted down my thoughts on random pieces of paper, that proved to be a daunting task—especially if I misplaced a piece of paper or couldn’t remember the idea. So I began writing everything down in Google Keep.

Once I started using Keep, things got easier to organize and I could stick to my writing routine.