One of the things I reminded myself when I first conceived the idea to write a science fiction story was to begin small. Start with an idea and go from there.

I knew I wanted to tell a story of survival, love, and adventure. I wanted my characters to be diverse, and I wanted them to exist in a futuristic world where space travel is as commonplace as getting in a car and driving somewhere.

I also wanted a story that was character-driven. So I began the first book with two characters who are from two different worlds but who are fighting (literally) for the same cause. Their differences are represented by drastically different physical characteristics.

The story started out with them fighting for their very lives. After that, whatever happened was a clean slate. The world they live in is vast, but I needed to establish their immediate world. The personal space around them.

A painting begins with a brush stroke. A building is built upon a foundation. A story is developed from an idea and that idea takes shape one word at a time. Character by character. Word by word. Sentence by sentence. Paragraph by paragraph. Chapter by chapter.

Destined: by Choice or Circumstance began with just two people in a spaceship.