One of the first things I had to realize is no matter what kind of idea I had in my mind for the type of world my characters would live in and what fantastic adventures they would have, everything they did and experienced would depend on the world they lived in. So I created their world in four steps.

Step One was defining the world I had in my imagination. Like God in the Book of Genesis in the Bible, I needed to give it form. I knew I wanted a space adventure so I had to create a universe and populate it with planets, people, plants, animals, and other cosmic players.

Step Two was creating a universe or cosmos, that would hold true to scientific principles but allow me to play fast and loose with those principles since I am not a scientist and since most of my readers are not. But at the same time, stay within the realm of fact and reality for those readers who do adhere to those principles. For example, in my first book, a nebula plays a major role as a catalyst in helping the story along. Although a lot is known about nebulae through study and observation, no one has actually visited one, so I created one that generally conforms to the basic principles of a nebula while I also gave it characteristics that served as a tool to move my story along.

In Step Three, I had to define my characters and the worlds they come from. What they would look like, how they would respond and react to each other and situations they would find themselves in. How they spoke and felt. I wanted a diverse world, where beings from different planets coexist. I needed to describe the ships and equipment they would use and how that equipment would work. Since the bulk of my story takes place on a planet in another universe, I had to create the planet and describe the universe it exists in.

Step Four was putting everything together so that it all made sense while making sure I stuck to the writer's creed of show, don't tell. I needed to create a science fiction story that would be a literary work of fiction. The opening paragraph of book one sets the stage and tone for the rest of the book. I begin by describing a scene of wonder and natural beauty that transitions to one of chaos and confusion.

After that, a roller coast ride begins and my literary world starts to take shape.