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Front-end Engineer @anantcorp, Maker of http://public-apis.xyz , https://dailyhack.xyz , https://react-index.com Open Source Developer, Tech Writer, Foodie?

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Apr 19, 2019

Hello guys, I'm a Front-end Dev and Solve the Real problems by making small-small projects. Here i'm sharing some of my recent products: https://dailyhack.xyz (A community of makers and geeks where they share tricks and hacks they used in their daily life) https://public-apis.xyz (A directory of public APIs available in the market. So, you can find one and can build something that can be share with others.) Still, I'm counting... If you have any IDEA or problem you face. So, I can help you to build it or solve the problem. Email: mddanishyusuf@gmail.com Twitter: @mddanishyusuf

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