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9% of $1000

My full-time job is to solve real problems with products like, &


9% of $1000

My full-time job is to solve real problems with products like, &

💻Full Stack Engineer + Independent + Bootstrapped

💯My Indie-Maker Journey of 2019
Building my 9th bootstrapped micro-startup product in 2019.

The journey took me 9 months while I was nomading in India, Singapore & Indonesia. Working remotely from my laptop and traveling was the best thing I enjoyed doing for work & lifestyle balance. It was really exciting to start building things when you spark an idea! 

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Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq bought 10 coffees.

Have a great time building your bootstrapped microstartups. Here is a small gift from me! I enjoyed watching you grow into a successful indie-maker. Much love from me from Singapore 🇸🇬

Awesome. Thanks ♥️ You are the man.

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Thank you for the support ofor the launch of, and for alerting that it was shown on the wrong day on producthunt. 💪 🙌 

Thanks mate!

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Thanks, Brendan. ❤️ 

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Thank you Danish. One of my best buddies online in the indie-maker community. I'm so happy to work with him closely with so many projects and he have help me in software engineering so much for almost 1 year. Is a blessing to know a very kind hearted dude + great skills in front-end/back-end. He is inspirational to the Indie-Makers community from around the world. Very strong hacking skills that benefit successful projects. He deserves more coffees and here you go my man! Stay fresh & keep making

Thank you very much, my brother, Fajar. You are my best buddy. ❤️