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MechaTop narrative timeline

Aug 18, 2021

MechaTop Campaign Book #1

On October 1, 2020, Japan presented the animated Gundam statue. A real mecha. Comprised of the same appearance, and size, that attacked the city of Malibu. You are sent to fight it, along with others piloting old F14s. The mecha; once defeated, triggers a nuclear device. The turbulence from the explosion sends the jet into a spiral. You remain in a coma for the next two months...

Meanwhile; the rest of the world suffers other nuclear attacks. All nations evolve technologically to deal with this new threat. Upon your awakening, you are recruited into the "MechaTop Brave pilots." They help you understand your newfound mental powers. Powers developed from the nuclear incident. You will be involved in different missions until the fall of the London headquarters.

DLC #1

A number of enemy mecha production factories have been identified near the United Arab Emirates. Two pilots are sent to steal some super technological Mecha. The mission; in three levels of difficulty, ends in the final battle of the London headquarters.

DLC #2

The numerous nuclear explosions force Gaia (the inner spirit of the Earth) to awaken its guardians. Immortal colossus with the sole purpose of exterminating the human race.

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