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Developed CoppeliaSim tools

Feb 11, 2022

This video illustrates some of the developed tools that will make a simulation with CoppeliaSim much easier

1- Duplicate Objects: This model will allow you to duplicate an object in x, y, and z directions. If the selected Object is a model base, all the model components will be duplicated.

2-Joints editor: This model will facilitate the axis jogging of your robot. Place this model dummy as a child to the robot base that you want to display its joints. All the joints will be displayed and you can easily edit their positions. Please note that the spherical joints are not displayed.

3-Add dummies on surfaces: After activating it by clicking on the “start placing dummies” button, this model will allow you to place a dummy on the selected surfaces. The dummy Z axis will be always normal to the positioning surface. You can also generate a path from the added dummies.

4-Display Pose: This model will display its dummy’s position, quaternion, orientation, and pose relative to its parent. This model will allow you to quickly integrate the positions of your robot into the script. Just copy and paste the desired position in your code.

5-Create cables: This model will help you to create a cable based on the criteria you set.

Thank you for watching. All sugguestions for improuvement are welcome.

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