Buy Media Consumer 9/11 a truth platform


Hi, if you're reading this you probably know the truth 👀
My name's Owen and I've been a part of this movement for over 7 years, now I'm building a platform to spread that knowledge and learn from others, in the hope we can all do something to change the fate of the world.

Other than travel costs to attend events, the first step is replacing my 12 year old Macbook so my streams can be more efficient and less likely to lag/drop. It will also greatly improve my editing time, allowing me to share information at a faster rate.
I am most of the way towards my goal of a new iMac, through saving what money I have and refunding my Boomtown festival ticket which I clearly will not be able to attend without a jab passport. 

From there, a video camera for better visual clarity or a more powerful phone for streaming, and any other equipment that becomes necessary as we slowly march towards global authoritarianism. 👮

Thank you for clicking through this far, it means the world to me. ❤