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Hello there! My name is Stephan Celebesario Sonny, and I currently live in Germany. During the day, I am a food technologist; and after office-hour, I transform into a competitive board game player. While we are playing board games, I take pictures and start taking notes. Afterwards, I write a review about it on my blog. 

I started to write this blog as a distraction after I lost my Dad. He passed away in 2018. I was so in shock and afraid that I would go astray. Instead of embracing some bad distractions, I decided to pursue my hobby in board gaming even further. I never thought that it would stay up until now!

I buy my games from my pocket money. That's why I need your help to support me, so I can keep writing new articles more often! Starting from €1, you can already help me to write even further. If you prefer pictures to words, we also post in Instagram, although not regularly. We will try our best to post more often. Thanks a lot for your support.