Welcome to May! This week's Rough Cuts are dedicated to spring, one saying farewell to April, and the other, celebrating National Mother Goose Day (May 1st) with a playful rhyme for young children.

Photo: Loic Furhoff


Holding me in her warm gold farewell embrace,

April whispered,

"When you awake in the morning,

May will be here.

Welcome her as you did me,

with such exuberance,

I could not feel more loved.

Thank you

for never taking me for granted,

and for never being unkind,

even on mornings when I was a little cold."


"And later, when June arrives,"

She continued,

"Please don't withhold your smile

or mention her tardiness.

Greet her without expectations.

She is always insecure at first,

but quickly warms up,

and then is simply delightful."


Standing back, growing more golden by the minute,

she paused briefly, then said,

"By then, you will have forgotten about me,

and I will pretend

to forget about you,

while waiting patiently

for you to need me again,

when I will, as always,

return with love

and flowers."


Copyright 2022 by M. E. Forbes.


Photo: Greg Rosenke


All the lovely ladybugs

join me each day for tea,

and each day I wonder where

could the gentlemen bugs be?


What is it they do not like,

the flowers, or the tea?

Perhaps it is the lady bugs.

Surely, it can't be me!


Copyright 2022 by M. E. Forbes