"Can we not talk about something nicer?"

COVID-19 is an undeniable reality of 2020 for all ages. For some because of the risks, for others because of the loss of jobs, for the younger ones because of the seemingly simple concerns that they can not play with friends or not meet their grandparents.

There were fewer sporting events and most movie releases got postponed. Everyone met with fewer or no people. This vacuum of new things to talk about was created by COVID-19, and was filled up by itself.

One thing we understood is that it is a difficult subject, which is the reason why so many experts on TV debate about strategies. Regardless, like everyone, our family also tried to understand about COVID-19. Father developed the concept, son illustrated it, and mother refined them both.

We attempted to tell what we know about COVID-19 so far and how denial, partial acceptance of reality, early optimism, and the onset of a new daily life unfolded.

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