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Hello! I'm a babywearing educator and support person for families looking for greater comfort or some guidance through the overwhelm choosing a carrier. In the 10 years I've been a parent, there have been an explosion of offerings with many exciting changes happening in the babywearing world!

I've been an educator for about 5 years, but the last 3 years have been the most eye-opening for me. While my carriers have helped me a lot as I raised my three oldest children, it has helped the most with my fourth and last baby - not because I have more kids to look after, but because he challenged me in so many ways. Babywearing helped my mental health and allowed us all in the family to become closer and remain close. We are far from perfect, and there are many areas which we can improve upon, but I am glad for the availability babywearing has allowed me as we worked on our relationships and family rhythm.

My drive is to help other families who are looking to do the same. Whether it's using a carrier to help with outings, to casually use with family walks, to soothe a high-needs child, or to have an easier flow to your daily rhythm, I am here to help you find the carrier that works for your family's lifestyle.

Moving forward, I want to share how babywearing has helped me on my mental health journey, and how it has connected me more to my roots. Babywearing is not a trend - it is an age-old parenting tool that has been cast to the wayside for modern sensibilities. One of my missions is for a carrier to be seen as necessary as a stroller or buggy (if not more so, because we can't use a stroller well in the house!).

How can you help? With your generosity, I can

~ pay for better equipment, digital storage, and for social media managers to create and share my perspective on babywearing.

~ increase my insurance coverage to include free meet ups and paid private sessions in my home.

~ rent out rooms from time to time for events and meet ups farther from my base area.

~ cover the cost of the many carriers I have brought into my teaching kit.

~ buy a toddler-sized demo doll! I have made a newborn size but a toddler size doll is much harder to make from scratch.

I appreciate your consideration to support me!