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MELA FOR HER is a social startup enterprise that transforms women and girls’ lives across Ethiopia by providing them with access to affordable and eco-friendly menstrual products, menstrual health education, and job opportunities. MELA (መላ) in Amharic means SOLUTION. The company was created in 2020 with the aim of bringing effective solutions to girls and women.

In Ethiopia, women and girls pay a high price for having their periods. Since girls cannot afford pads and are afraid of staining their clothes, many of them end up staying home instead of going to school. Regular absenteeism derives in low performance and school dropouts. Out of the school, girls are at a higher risk of early and forced marriage.

We produce sustainable menstrual products that are good for women and girls, for the environment and for the community. Our reusable sanitary pads are had-made with a lot of love by Ethiopian young women. However, MELA FOR HER is more than its products. We aim at reaching and supporting millions of women and girls in their journey to dignity, equality and empowerment.