Melanated Minute

Meditation that comes with a warning label

Jul 29, 2022

WARNING! Explicit Content. May not be suitable for some adults.

These meditations come with a warning label. We can't offer Meditations from Melanated Minute for free because they contain strong content or foul language. Meditations help you embrace your melanated self with the authentic voice of a Black woman. Begin your journey to healing with the soothing voice of a Black woman who keeps it real while guiding you through each meditation. From the start, these meditations impact you in a more profound unexpected way because they include strong language, violent content, or sexual content. Meditation won't cure depression overnight, but a meditation that sounds real can help you heal faster.

About Melanated Minute

Melanated Minute is a guided mediation for your black soul. Embrace your melanated self as the soothing voice of a Black woman guides you through a journey of healing. Meditations that impact you in deeper more profound ways than any mediation has before.

Recharge and embrace your inner being.

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