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I’m Melinda.

I’m an artist and a writer, born and raised on the island of Penang, Malaysia, now living in Portugal. As the only child in the family with no siblings to play with, my late mother would buy me books to read and art books to keep me occupied.  

Coming from the maternal side of the family where different ones would paint, draw, play the guitar, sew, and do arts & crafts—I didn’t realise I was being nurtured by this creative environment. 

Though always drawn to art and words, I ignored this artistic path, and choose “safer” careers for over two decades. 

It was in 2016 when I went through a period of trauma in multiple areas: family, health, and work, that I find solace through writing and sketching. 

Those five difficult long years made me more sensitive towards other people’s pain; I developed humility. I l also learnt to place my hope in a God whose promise never changes—amidst a world of uncertainties. I learnt to look for ordinary, everyday moments. And by golly—enjoy them!

Now, I’m creating art pieces to inspire, spread hope, and a little whimsy. My art ideas are often drawn from my life reflections, and observations of people and surroundings.