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Hi, I’m an artist, a writer, and a "newsletterer".  

Twice a month on Fridays, I publish the HopeMail newsletter where I share one new drawing and writing on life lessons to my readers. The purpose is simple—to encourage people and to spread hope.

The newsletter comes with art (drawing, poetry), actionable tips, musings, encouraging quotes and thought-provoking excerpts from books or the web. There'll be 24 new drawings in a year! In each issue for the year, we’ll count down to 24 drawings. I think that’ll be fun. ☺️

I’m also pursuing this work as my full-time career.   

After over 20 years of choosing safer careers (and regular income), in 2021, I made a bold change to pursue two love—drawing and writing, as my work. And I’m pouring my passion, skill, time, resources, effort into writing, publishing the newsletter, drawing—using words and art—to speak to people where they are.   

Apart from thumbs up and likes, the best way I know I’m walking in the right direction is when people are supporting my work with a Buy Me A Coffee tip, a paid subscription to my newsletter, or bringing my art home with my artwork.   

Your financial support empowers me as an independent creator, makes the work financially sustainable, and in spirit, you are also telling me that you believe in my work and you are cheering me on.  

I thank you for doing that. 

Looking forward to connecting with you. Say hi!

👋 💖 Melinda

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