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Melisa Arnautovic is a Conscious Educator & founded LIV.In Training since leaving the corporate world in 2019 to live her purpose.

Melisa delivers educational Online Courses & Workshops around the world with the purpose of empowering people to live their true selves.
The majority of Melisa's work is made available to the public completely free to educate the masses, of which takes immense time, energy + effort to do so with integrity + in truth, not for personal gain. Whether it be video teachings, podcast audios, weekly newsletters, much is available instantly and in high quality for those who seek self mastery. 

LIV.In Training meaning "Livin From Within". ♥️
Melisa's purpose is empowering people with true knowledge to expand their consciousness & live authentically. Using her +15 years of experience in various fields including learning design and training skills, she applies a multi-disciplinary approach to her courses & workshops that teach you the knowledge AND the experiential application.
Ultimately, so that humanity will break free from mental slavery and realize the divine spark within. For none of us are free, until we are all free. 

Whichever course you choose, you will learn clear, practical wisdom that can be applied in real life through various tools & methods.
Together we are co-creating a world where everyone is conscious, sovereign, spiritually mature, living a life of purpose & greater meaning.

Melisa is an advocate of life long learning and self actualization. Passionate about conscious growth and educating the world in hidden knowledge that is a right for all. 

It's always the right time to start livin from within ♥️