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Ravi, a banker in the US, is afraid of marriage and commitment. However, his mother tricks him into returning to India and fixes his marriage with the beautiful and dreamy Anvi. But Ravi is not willing to give in and attempts to convince his mother with the help of his best friend Pavan. After their many hilarious but futile attempts, Pavan finally manages to break Ravi & Anvi’s engagement. But Ravi’s joy is quickly diminished by the cold shoulder from his family and friends. Always looking out for his comfort and happiness, Ravi runs away from home. Not sure about his destination, he gets on a train where he meets an 8 year old girl. For the first time in his life, he puts this girl’s safety first and gets off the train. While Ravi tries to gather some information from the tight-lipped girl, the train leaves them behind. Thus begins their saga. Who is this girl and why is she alone? Will Ravi be able to get home to his family? Let’s join them and embark on an exciting and heartwarming journey of adventure, wisdom and Love, Lost and Found.


Love Lost and Found is a contemporary novel by Sameem Hassain that focuses on what building a bond with people means and how there are times when a relationship, be it one of friendship or one of love can blossom fom anyone. Meeting the right person, be it a lover, friend, colleague or stranger can sometimes change the way you look at life with a brief interaction. Ravi is a person that has a path to follow and would prefer it if he followed through. The wedding arrangements made by his parents is frustrating and I'd agree that ambushing him was not the solution to get him wed.

When he meets this little girl, he learns that sometimes you need to dig deep into your heart and open it up to the world because you cannot go through like alone. You always need someone who's there for you and as interesting as the plot was, nothing prepared me for the emotional ending.

I love the 'little girl' (who's name is revealed in the book but i won't be mentioning) and I feel that even though this is technically Ravi's story, she's the main star of the show!

The storyline and writing are good, however, I do think that certain parts are a little bit too filmy for my taste and there's a bit of romance which I (personally) didn't care for. But, other than that it was quite a good read with a lot a mysterious aura about it.


Rated 7.5/10

Melina L.