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Thank you so much for stopping by and considering supporting my work! 💕 My goal is to have a website chockful of content that will encourage people to dig deep into the Bible and experience His wonderful presence. 🙏🏻

But running a website isn't cheap. So, if you feel led to give any small amount (like buying me a coffee ☕️) it would truly bless me and help keep Think About Such Things on the world wide web. 🎉

Thank you and may God bless you and your family! 

-Melissa Tumino


I'm a passionate minister, speaker, and ongoing learner of the Bible. I have been involved in church and ministries for over 19 years. And I'm the founder of Think About Such Things. I have the heart to equip the saints by helping them get into the Word of God and fall more in madly love with Jesus.

I have in churches in California, Oregon, Texas, and Mexico and have been featured in Guidepost Magazine and All Recipes Magazine.