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Hey friends!

I'm Mel from Mel's Exotics, and I'm a huge animal nerd. I specialize in skinks, a type of amazing lizard, but I love animals of all shapes and sizes. Right now Mel's Exotics is where I sell baby skinks I produce, but I'm trying to turn it into an informative and fun source of info about my adventures and the friends I get to meet through our shared love of animals.

Mel's Exotics also isn't just me; I have an amazing team of friends and family members who help me out in so many different ways. I absolutely could not do any of this on my own, and I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people around me.

In regards to critters, ME has Blue Tongue Skinks, Pink Tongue Skinks, Monkey Tail Skinks, and Peters Banded Skinks. There's a few other miscellaneous critters too, but those are the species I'm currently working to breed. I would love to expand to work with more species, but right now finances mean I'll probably have to downsize instead. It sucks, but sometimes life throws you curveballs; c'est la vie.

I have a website that currently functions as a blog of sorts, but I'm hoping to upgrade it to a more functional and interactive site in the near future. I sell baby skinks right now, but am also working on getting some really cool merchandise that I can use as fundraising.

My mailing list and email are primarily used for critter sales right now, thankfully with my friend Hex helping me keep track of everything (I have memory problems, some things are a big struggle).

I have a YouTube channel where I'm trying to post videos about my own critters/life/business/etc and also to feature other amazing animal-focused hobbyists and businesses doing amazing things throughout Canada.

There is a ME discord channel (BMAC members get a special role there), and ME has social media channels on most platforms I think. Honestly it's a lot, and thankfully I have Thindra helping me manage all the accounts, lol.

I am a member of the alphabet mafia, and I'm very open about my personal struggles, including my mental health. I'm also always happy to answer questions, and I'm happy to support others where I'm able to.

I really don't know what else to write here. If you want to know more about me, join me on my Discord server or shoot me a message by email or through social media. I'll try to update this section as things change.

Many thanks,


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