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Are you your biggest fan? Why not? 😍

Jun 04, 2022

What would your business be like if you became your BIGGEST FAN 😍(instead of your worst critic)?

I'm talking about...

✨Being kind to yourself when you don't meet your expectations

💖Believing in yourself with your whole heart

✨Recognizing and truly celebrating your progress, evolution and forward motion

💖Forgiving yourself for making mistakes

✨Giving yourself praise, kudos and congrats

💖Marveling at how far you've come! (instead of fixating on “how far you still have to go”)

✨Accepting that you ARE deserving of wealth, success and abundance

💖Being ok with being a work in progress... and with not having it "all figured out" yet

Give yourself some grace.

We're all out here learning and growing and evolving and walking around being our imperfect, beautiful, marvelous human selves.

Are you going to be your biggest fan today? Tell me how. 😍


Melynda Smith

Creator, Doula Biz From Scratch


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