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Birthing a biz/a baby (its kinda the same!)

Jun 04, 2022

My business coaching is transformational and effective because I was a Birth Keeper for 10 years and I like to love on people. 😍 Giving birth to a business is similar to giving birth to a baby in so many ways.

Both embody the essence of creation. You’re bringing something to life that wasn’t there before.

Both of them come through you and are an extension of who you are. 

Both require nurturing, a lot of attention and unconditional love.

Both business and birth will take you to the edge... and accelerate your personal and spiritual evolution.

In both biz and birth; the labor can be long and tedious or significantly shorter and more enjoyable. And a lot of that will have to do with your mindset and the level of support you receive. That’s where I come in! 

You are a powerful creator.


Melynda Smith

Creator, Doula Biz From Scratch


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