What feelings come up for you when you see this picture? 🥰

What feelings and thoughts come up for you when ✨I admit✨ that I love this picture?

Am I a materialistic, greedy cunt?

I must be a capitalist pig, right!?

But this image.

This image says to me:

I’m a single mom, and I’m going to be ok.

It says- Now I can get this damn tooth fixed that rotting in the back of my head. That bitch hurts. 😭

Now I can loan my homey money so she can start that vegan bakery shes been dreaming about.

It says: I’m about to buy my pregnant BFF a birth doula, ‘cause I know she cant afford it, b/c shes a single mom, too.

It says: I can afford therapy now to heal this unaddresssed trauma from my childhood.

It says: Now that I have this abundance, I can sit back, relax and actually spend time with my children. Lord knows it’s hard to do that when you have to work 60 hour work weeks just to pay the bills.

It says: Now I can finally afford to go spend a week in South Carolina with my family and see my grandma because she isn’t doing too well and may not be around a whole lot longer. 

Money is healing and heavenly and helpful. You can use it to help and heal yourself and help and heal others.

Now, you don’t “need” money to help others, but it sure as fuck helps. It definitely doesn’t hurt! 🥳

Money isn't "good" or "bad"; it's just an amplifier; an amplifier of who you already are. 🕉🌈🕉🌈🕉🌈

Money is a MEGAPHONE; it allows you to share your magic and your message and your medicine to a wider audience.

Money is power; and when you have power, you can share that power with others so that they’re empowered, too. 

So, let’s quit money shaming women. 🥰 it’s OK to admit that you like and want money, just like it’s OK to now admit that you like and want sex.

For the longest time, we used to slut-shame women. Thank God we’re moving past that and moving into a new era!

The NEXT frontier of women’s liberation is to quit money shaming women.

It’s hard to overthrow the patriarchy when you’re living in poverty.

It’s hard to leave your abusive piece of shit partner when you’re not financially solvent.

It’s hard to help a woman in need... when you ARE a woman in need. 

Becoming financially well and engaging in financial self-care just makes you a healthy, mature, wise person.

And last but not least, having money allows you to do fun shit. 👅🤣

I mean, I can go get me some Louboutins AND donate to charity. 🤣👅

You can do both.

Wishing you abundance and wellness in all its forms,


Melynda Smith

Creator, Doula Biz From Scratch