QUESTION: Want to write good copy?

Lemme go ahead and answer that one for you- YES, YOU DO! 😎

FYI: Copy = Words

The words on your website... the words in your emails, your blogs, your social media posts, on your marketing materials… 

If you want to write incredible copy, my number one tip is: Start writing like how you naturally speak. 😍

The whole idea is, when someone reads your copy, they feel like there’s a real person talking to them!

Not a professor.

Not a robot.

Not a person trying to “make a sale”.

Not someone trying to “educate” them.

Just a real life human with a heartbeat trying to create connection and genuinely get to know them. 🥰

Honestly, you’re in the business of creating connections and building relationships.

That’s really the basis of Great Marketing. ✨

Not how pretty your IG squares are, not how aesthetically pleasing everything else; although that is nice, of course.

Your copy is vitally important.

This is how you share your soul mission with people and begin to develop intimate relationships with them.

Birth is an intimate occasion and people are generally very picky about who they invite into their birthing space. Which is a good thing, as we birth keepers know.

So, if you want someone to hire you/invite you into their birthing space, they have to get to know you in a real way and on a soul level first.

The best way to do this is to make your copy (words!) very human. Vulnerable. Use contractions (“I’m” instead of “I am”, for example). You’re not writing a College thesis. 🤣💋

Want to write good copy?

Visualize your ideal client avatar standing right in front of you and then write directly to that one specific person in a light hearted and conversational way.

Or, even better, imagine you’re having a conversation with that person in real life and then transcribe your inner most thoughts as they flow through you. 


Melynda Smith

Creator, Doula Biz From Scratch

PS: TAKE ACTION! Try this TODAY and let me know how it works out for you. I’ll wager you see an increase in engagement/more comments/more two way communication. WOOT! 🥳💋