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Marketing with your moon cycle 🩸🩸🌹🌹

Marketing with your moon cycle 🩸🩸🌹🌹

Jul 23, 2022

Let’s talk about marketing with your moon cycle. 😎🌹 

When I’m ovulating 👅💦 you can catch me doing public speaking engagements, live webinars, random Facebook lives, showing up boldly. My energy is wild and expansive. I’m productive and in charge. 

Random note/personal theory, this is also the best time to do a branding photo shoot. ✨✨ Your radiant boss energy will flow right outta those pictures!

Anyway, right before and during my moon time…. Marketing = just blogs and email. Because I’m laying in bed and I don’t wanna talk to anybody.  My energy is calm but I’m wildly creative (hence the desire to write) and internalizing everything.

The idea here is to fit your marketing, and business in general, around your cycle, instead of trying to force and override it.

The idea here is to be in flow.

Like, No way in hell am I going to do a live event three days before my period. I’m so highly intuitive and sensitive and that’s not a time for me to perform and entertain people.

Check your moon cycle before you go scheduling and planning big business things. 😍✨💕

I’ve noticed I have yearly cycles, monthly cycles and even daily cycles.

Like, first thing in the morning I’m in ultimate Creatrix mode, this is the perfect time for me to create content because I’m bubbling over with ideas. It’s 8 AM, I’m driving the kids to school, and I have to use my voice notes app to record all of the incredible fucking thoughts zooming through my mind at 1,000,000 mph.

✨I call these hours the golden hours.✨I don’t waste these golden hours in the morning checking email, doing consultations, doing administrative tasks. No! This is absolute creation mode where I get my thoughts and ideas out into the world. I don’t wanna waste this precious time on mundane bullshit. 

“Creator” mode wanes as the day goes on and that’s why I intentionally enter into “Manager” mode the latter half of the day.  update the SEO settings on my website. Metrics. Analytics. All that jazz.

But I’m telling you, if you get all this shit backwards or don’t take it into account, business and marketing will feel like walking through mud with cinderblocks tied to your feet.

But when you get it RIGHT, it’ll feel like flying through a clear blue summer sky!

Peace 🕊

PS: What are your golden hours, weeks and months? Write them down, maximize this time! How would they be best utilized? 



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