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Newbie Marketing Challenge 😎

Newbie Marketing Challenge 😎

Jun 04, 2022


This is for baby businesses that are just tiptoeing into the whole “marketing” thing. #newbie #babysteps 🙏💕✨ More advanced tips coming tomorrow for you seasoned pros. 🌹 But if you haven’t done or can’t do the things listed below, don’t even worry about the advanced tips!! Start here. 👇🏼💋

1. Make 1 post on your platform of choice introducing yourself

2. Make 1 post telling people how you serve them/what you offer

3. Share a day in the life, behind the scenes, on Instagram Stories

4. Share your interactions with one of your clients or customers. Tag them.

5. Share something YOU learned from a client

6. Share a key takeaway from a client or customer experience

7. Share 3 brands or people you’re grateful for and tag them

8. Update your website with your brand photos, BRAND BIO, etc.

9. Join 3 niche Facebook groups within your target market. Show up once a week as a mentor/expert 


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