Oct 04, 2022

Upcoming Events; come hang out with me inside Big Doula Energy!

Sep 13, 2022

In 30 minutes! Live Q + A with Melynda: Get your burning business questions answered!

Aug 01, 2022


Jul 23, 2022

Marketing with your moon cycle 🩸🩸🌹🌹

Let’s talk about marketing with your moon cycle. 😎🌹  When I’m ovulating 👅💦 you can catch me doing public speaking engagements, live webinars, random Facebook lives, showing up boldly. My energy is wild and expansive. I’m productive and in charge. Random note/personal theory, this is also the best time to do a branding photo shoot. ✨✨ Your radiant boss energy will flow right outta those pictures!Anyway, right before and during my moon... more

Jul 23, 2022

I was in a cult

The entrepreneurial martyrdom thing makes me sad. It’s almost like a cult or badge of honor. 🏅🏆I used to wear the badge. One day, I took it off.It was like taking off very heavy armor.A heaviness I didn’t know was there until it was gone! Business owners. You don’t have to suffer in order to help people. Your business shouldn’t leave you feeling depleted. Over delivering while under charging isn’t a sign of enlightenment.  Stop doing... more

Jul 21, 2022

A Risk/Benefits Analysis

Investing X amount of dollars into a business coaching program may be temporarily uncomfortable, but it will never be as painful as staying stuck where you are. The stagnancy and inertia of not moving your business forward or fulfilling your potential will always be more expensive; financially, emotionally, mentally. Use the same BRAINS exercise you use with your clients. What are the benefits of me investing in Business coaching? Consider the benefits to you, your family, your clients... more

Birth Poem
Birthing a biz/a baby (its kinda the same!)
Inability to receive?
Are you your biggest fan? Why not? 😍