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The Friend Filter

Jun 02, 2022


If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to be writing a lot.



Remember to use the same language that your target market understands and ✨uses✨; not fancy industry lingo.

Or, if you do use fancy industry lingo, make sure you use it in a context to where they can easily infer your meaning. You don’t want your target market reading your stuff and whispering to themselves “what the fuck is she talking about”. 🤣

If you aren’t effectively communicating your message, connection and sales are going to be really hard, if not impossible. 

Put everything through the ✨Friend Filter✨. When pen hits paper (or finger hits laptop) write everything as if you were writing a heart felt letter to one single individual who is a 💚dear friend💚 (or, your ideal client avatar). 

This includes the copy for your website, social media post, email, blogs, absolutely everything. 


I hope these tips and tricks will make contact creation more easeful, enjoyable and effective! 

👉🏻 Tell me about your creative writing process. Drop a question. Share your insights or tips.  Let’s talk about it! 😍



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