1. Observe the thoughts:

Based on the book the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, for a moment, observe the thoughts that flow through youre mind. Learn to disidentify, detach, and just observe your mental activity. Non judgment, causal observer, just observe not involving yourself in the contents of your thoughts but be the objective listener or watcher.

2. Feel your body, Total body Connectedness:

Just feel you’re body. Feeling the body through your body. Not thinking about how to feel but just feeling it through the body. Feeling the life energy of your certain body part: hand feeling, head feeling, neck feeling, back feeling, abdominal feeling etc. Then cycle and feel your body as a whole unit for a few minutes.

3. Mind on pause/Providing yourself space:

For a few moments, allow yourself space to go in a state of pause, mental break which you would allow yourself space not to think or do any figuring or control, but to allow things to pass and flow and process.

4. Feel the ground:

Feel the ground beneath you. Take a few moments to allow yourself to be rooted to the ground. Works best if outside, feel the energy of the earth as your rooting yourself to the earth, making the intention of feeling the life energy of the earth as you focus on "rooting" your feet to the earth, combining your life energy with the life energy of the earth.

5. In the moment centering:

Realize this is the moment right now, not the past or future, but now this moment here. Focus on centering yourself and your energy in the moment, in the ever present now where past and future doesn’t exist helps in grounding yourself and your energy, when you need to take a moment to recollect yourself.