Buy Merchsense a coffee



Hello fellow Commander! I like to create Brick Mechs in my free time. You can download instructions under Extras. Just put in $0. Enjoy!

I am currently working on a fun little project called Brecca. Mechs will be added slowly for each squad. Drop pods and hangars too! I have high hopes for this Battle Royale Universe.

While these builds are personally packed and sold through a local platform, the project requires a bit of an assistance and you can provide a little support. My goal is for it to be a brick universe of its own.

And if you HATE these builds, you can BUY me coffee too so I can drink it while it's burning HOT and full of rage. 

On the other hand, your support will help me get more parts, more builds and also PROVE to my wife that building LEGO Mechs isn't a waste of time. Let me treat her to a NICE dinner or a good cup of coffee. 

You will be a LEGEND amongst our Mecha Warriors.

In any case I hope the builds help in some ways and as always, Keep on Building! 👍