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Hi! I just created a page here. If you enjoy my writing and running endeavors, you can now buy me a coffee! ~Mercury💫
Hunt bought a coffee.

Have been inspired by your journey! Its helped me maintain my outdoor activity despite isolation and only solo runs, bike, open water swims and more recent snowshoe and xc.

Thanks Hunt. Yeah it is a tough time to stay motivated. I'm glad you're getting out there and happy to play a small part in that! Appreciate the support!

Víctor Gasc
Víctor Gasc bought a coffee.

Excellent perspective on what it takes to get back to "normal" after the AT and how a super-athlete like you is facing the same challenges others have encountered. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Thanks Víctor, appreciate it!

Martha bought a coffee.

You're awesome!

Thanks, Martha!❤️

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks so much!❤️ 

Thank you, I believe you finished a day or 2 after me!  I had to get off for a cortisone shot. I can definitely relate to your story. 

I've heard those work wonders! Congratulations on your finish!

Khalil Karl
Khalil Karl bought a coffee.

Big fan of your writing and hope you continue to feel affirmed, supported, and encouraged. 

Thanks Khalil, really appreciate it! Excited to continue following along with your trail adventures!