Soar through nature to clear your mind and help regain your focus. When work gets too stressful and you need to reclaim your calm. Take a minute to watch these beautiful scenes of nature. Work can get hectic and we need something to help us get back on track. Calming the mind and regaining focus helps a person feel refreshed and energized to get back to work.

As an office organizer and small business owner myself, I realize a need for a daily reminder to step away from my desk to quiet my mind, stretch, meditate or take a walk. Most people need the nudge to take care of themselves. I created a YouTube channel to do just that. It's called "Reclaiming Calm". The videos I create will be your quick reminder to stop and clear your mind. Remove stress by listening to natural sounds, calming music and viewing nature's bounty. Check out my calming videos weekly. If you like the videos please comment, like and subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching. I am always grateful for your support.