Alegre Gourmet is celebrating! Our hobby just got a lot more fun. We're so excited to announce we launched a Website and a YouTube cooking Channel. Visit our YouTube channel trailer here and click in the YouTube channel to see more recipes. You can download recipes from the website.

Who is Alegre Gourmet?

Alegre Gourmet is the collaboration of a mother & daughter. Together, Creating Simple, Tasty Delicious & Healthy Recipes for Everyday Cooking. When you need a quick recipe to follow just in time for meal time, we'll provide you recipes that are easy & fun to follow. I'm Elizabeth and My mom is Berta. My mother & I may not see eye to eye on many things but when it comes to food & eating we do agree how much we love food. Especially when its easy to make & tasty, We enjoy being resourceful, making something out of few ingredients is our strength.

We may have different approaches to cooking but here we collaborate to provide you some of our favorite recipes. We'd like to bring you a good variety but mostly the healthy ones. Me, personally, I follow a #gluten-free, #dairy-free and #soy-free meal plan for health reason, which means I will bring some of those mediterranean meals of mostly fish, meat and vegetables. My mother helps by accentuating the latin flavors I grew up with, like the Mexican, Cuban, and Spanish influences. 

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